Features and Our Story
  • Individual Charm
    The elegant texture of the product surface reflects our own special technique for processing titanium, a cutting-edge metal.
    Every product has a different pattern that inspires an image of snow crystals.
    Beautiful, sophisticated products reveal artisans' creativity and craftsmanship.
    Each product is unique, unlike any other, and infused with an individual charm.
  • Aesthetic of Colors
    SUSgallery is colored items shine with brilliant color.
    By changing the thickness of the oxide film over the titanium surface, we can change how the titanium reflects light, creating beautiful colors.
    This reaction with light is the same phenomenon that gives soap bubbles their iridescent shine.
    Our products subtly change their appearance based on how the light shines or the angle they are viewed from.
  • Titanium for Life
    SUSgallery uses 99% pure titanium, which resists rusting and remains almost unchanged over the years.
    This superlative durability is why titanium is a metal for life.
    Titanium also lacks the metallic odor of many other metals.
    And in the fields of medicine and welfare it has been proven completely safe for human use: doctors use it for implants and artificial joints.
    As a metal for life, titanium is perfect for anyone, young or old.
  • Vacuum-Insulated Double-Wall Construction
    The TITANESS series uses a vacuum-insulated double-wall construction to offer superlative insulating properties, keeping their contents warm or cool as desired.
    Vacuum insulation is a far more effective way to insulate than normal double-walled one.
    TITANESS products remain unaffected by ambient temperatures, so the ice in your drink will remain there longer.
    This means you can relax and enjoy your drink without needing to be concerned about melting ice diluting it and affecting its true flavors.
  • Craftsmanship 350 Years in the Making
    Tsubame, in Niigata Prefecture, is famed for its metalworking.
    The history of metalworking in Tsubame dates back to the start of the Edo period, when farmers would start taking up Japanese nail forging for some extra income.
    From the late 19th century to today, Tsubame has flourished by producing some of Japanes best European-style metal tableware.
    Our artisans use their refined senses and advanced titanium metalworking techniques to fine-tune the surface to mere fractions of a millimeter.
  • Titanium's Shine Reaches the World
    Items created by SUSgallery are considered masterpieces of traditional skills that bring forth modern beauty.
    This was the tumbler chosen for the toast at the luncheon marking the end of APEC Japan 2010, and each guest was given a set as a present.
    This tumbler was also presented to members of the British Royal Family on their visit to Japan in 2015.