Today we would like to introduce our TITANESS Wine Cooler from our TITANESS Bar series.

Our TITANESS Wine Cooler is made of titanium and is vacuum double structured.
The feature of titanium double vacuum insulated products is that it excels at heat and cold insulation and that it is extremely light compared to other metals.

Therefore, unlike regular wine cooler, our TITANESS Wine Cooler doesn’t require ice to keep the bottle cold and it also doesn’t break even though it’s fallen.
In addition to that, you won’t be bothered by your table getting wet because it doesn’t make condensation easily.
Our TITANESS Wine Cooler is the one and only item that is made with sophisticated technology despite its simple design.
Its simple design doesn’t choose where it’s used and will brighten your dinner table and your home bar!

There are 2 sizes to choose from, regular size (1600ml) and larger size (2000ml).
Large size is for bigger bottles such as KRUG.
Please choose according to the size of the bottle.