Thank you for your kind support for SUSgallery.
At SUSgallery Aoyama main store, “Serendipity by SUSgallery” is available as store limited items.

What is Serendipity?
Serendipity is the items that have different features from our regular items, and they have been selected from our unique products produced as experiment.
Each item has its “production story”.
We would like to offer you your “serendipity” encounter by sharing the “production story” of each item and letting you feel its surface finish and texture.
None of the serendipity item are the same.
Please come visit SUSgallery Aoyama and find your special encounter.


Development History
Even if produced in the same production way, each item has different surface texture.
There are many items we couldn’t make it to producing in large quantities and items that we gave up commercializing because we were not able to produce ever again.
In such products, we have many unique and fascinating items.
For example, one of them have extremely vivid surface crystal that titanium makes or have unique rough surface because of chemical reaction during production.
Other one has beautiful color made by special coloring process.


New Value
We had questions for the social value of industrial products that “industrial products should look exactly the same and if one of them doesn’t, it will be thrown away.”
We, SUSgallery, would like to propose the way of production based on our belief and the new value.