This time we would like to introduce store-limited Daydream series.

Daydream line is the limited series only available at SUSgallery Aoyama main store and SUSgallery Coredo Muromachi store.
The surface of the Daydream items is Sepia color, and there are 4 different color variation for the inside, which you cannot find from the usual items.
By using the technique called anodic oxidation, the thickness of the invisible film on the surface of titanium is changed, and the color appears. The color will not peel off and remain almost forever.




Gorgeous and luxurious gold that has warmness at the same time.
You can see the color slightly changes by the color of beverages.





Violet color attracts people and makes us drawn into a different world.
The mixture of deep purple and gold is the perfect match with wine.





Sophisticated and calm green color.
Its green tea like color is perfect for relaxing time after meal.
Please enjoy the green color that looks deep and pale depending on the light reflection.





Most popular color, Aqua.
The contrast between sepia color on the surface and the blue inside is beautiful.
Pouring water, the blue color shines like ocean under the sunlight because of the reflection.


Daydream series have a big individual difference.
The nuance of color and roughness of the surface is uniquely different one by one.
Please come visit our stores to find your special Tumbler.
We will welcome you at SUSgallery Aoyama main store and SUSgallery Coredo Muromachi.